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Robert Loeber

The Netherlands

When he was sixteen, Robert was captivated by 'modern jazz', when, in the seventies, it was still modern. He began playing the saxophone, with John Coltrane as his example. At twenty-three, the flute fulfilled his need to be able to play in the classical tradition. After getting his MA in psychology, he landed in journalism. He held several jobs as a reporter and editor-in-chief.

In 2002 he quit his job as an editor/reporter at a local Amsterdam newspaper in order to take up a fulltime study in composition at the Utrecht School of Art (HKU). In 2003 he won the jazz composition contest of the Utrecht Jazz Foundation (SJU). In that same year, he won a prize in a contest of the Amsterdam council with the plan for his musical 'Een liefde in Zeeburg', which was produced and performed the next year. Robert graduated as a Bachelor with Honors in Composition and Music Production in 2006. After doing some projects with video and music, he is now working on animation projects that combine music and animation, influenced by the statement of Marshall McLuhan: "The medium is the message".


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