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Jacques Maassen

The Netherlands

Drs. Jacques Maassen is City Carillonneur of Breda (NL), composer and Carillon Consultant. He studied musicology at the University of Utrecht and carillon at the Netherlands Carillon School Amersfoort, gaining the Prix d'Excellence in 1972. After an appointment as Professor of Music Education at the Royal Conservatory at Den Haag, he was from 1984 till 2005 Director of the Netherlands Carillon School Amersfoort. For al this activities in the international field of campanology he received in 2003 the Berkeley Medal of Honors from the University of California. In The Netherlands he was honored in 2009 as "Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau".

As the instrument the carillon was invented in the same century and the same country that Clemens non Papa lived, it can be assumed that some of these compositions have been played on the tower instruments. For this reason Jacques Maassen re-modelled his vocal compositions of the Souterliedekens no's 66 - 69 to carillon compositions.


Psalm 66

Psalm 67

Psalm 68

Psalm 69