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Dirk Blockeel


Dirk Blockeel, born in 1955, studied at first languages (at the Teachers' Training College, Torhout) and was subsequently awarded eight 'First Prizes' at the School of Music, in Ghent, Belgium, among them those of Solfeggio, Fugue, Organ, Harpsichord ans Music History.

Among his compositions, works for chamber music and vocal scores prevail.
From 1992 on he has been in office as an organist at Saint Martin's, Kortrijk. There he regularly organizes organ concerts and performances of Bach's church cantatas.

As a music teacher (organ, harpsichord, chamber music) and accompanist he is attached to two different music schools (in Izegem and in Harelbeke).

In the quarterly art magazine Ambrozijn, already running to 30 issues, he has been publishing articles about language, poetry and prose.
He is also a poet. His first collection of poetry was published in 2010.


Psalm 54

Psalm 150