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Geert Schoonbeek de Vlaming

The Netherlands

A self-taught composer Geert Schoonbeek de Vlaming studied music sciences for a short time at Amsterdam University. He was privately tutored in Counterpoint and Harmony.

1980 - performing musician 1998 - professional composer

Guitar, saxophone and piano

Schoonbeek de Vlaming's work is in general socially involved and religious in the broadest sense of the word.
1998 - 'Passion', based on the words from the crucifixion, for tenor, dance and piano. In co-operation with tenor Arnold Bezuyen.
2001 - 'Requiem for an evacuated barn', a tribute to all the victims of the foot and mouth crisis.
From 2004 - various commissioned chamber music works
2007 - In honor of the 75th anniversary of the completion of the Afsluitdijk, 'Lely- Afzien', a piece with piano for a male voice choir [ lyrics by Hilco Visser]. This piece is dedicated to the many labourers who built the sea wall in the 1930's.
2008 - World premiere of 'Luke 23 : 46a'- for piano by Kees Wieringa
2009 - World premiere of 'Wad in Blaaeuwes'- for piano by Marcel Worms at the ReMusica Festival in Kosovo. Reprises in Tirana - Albania, Khartoum - Sudan and in Utrecht - The Netherlands. Premiere and reprises of string quartet no . 1 'Paradisum.'
2010 - première and reprises of: adaptation of Luke 23:46a for Carillon by Jacques Maassen on the carillon of the Grote Kerk in Breda, 'Haan' version viola & piano, 'Wad in blaaeuwes' for piano and Stringquartet no.1 with moving theatre.
2011 - premières and reprises of: "Haan' version violin & piano, Schokland for marimba, Hymns for brass-septet [and mezzo-soprano], 'La Démarcation for piano left-hand, flute, bass-clarinet, violin, viola and cello, 'Wad in Blaaeuwes' for piano

Currently in development:

Schoonbeek is currently working on a number of chamber music pieces:
- 'De Rechtvaardigen' [The Righteous]for Eleonore Pameijer - [bass] flute, Stephan Heber - cello. Due to be performed at the 4th May 2011 memorial at the Hollandse Schouwburg in Amsterdam.
- 'Haan' version for cello & piano for Stephan Heber
- 1914 - Dulce et Decorum est - 2018 composition for the tenor Arnold Bezuyen, string orchestra and percussion. Image and word - Bas Geerts


Psalm 95

Psalm 96