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Benjamien Lycke


Benjamien Lycke (September 2, 1989) is studying Master in Composition with Lucien Posman at the University College Ghent, Belgium. In 2008 and 2009 his first music-theatre piece "Le Piédestal" premiered in Bruges (Belgium) and Rivière-sur-Tarn (France) with conductor-composer David Anne. The first serious classical symphonic pieces were created in 2010 by Dirk Brossé and Geert Soenen. That same year, Ignace Michiels, organ professor at the university and titular-organist at the cathedral of Bruges commissioned and conducted the liturgical piece "Salve Regina" for mixed choir. This same piece was later performed by the Latvian choir "Blagovest" with Alexander Brandavs on tour through Europe. Benjamien is frequently asked by young filmmakers and musicians to write music for exams, repertoire or short movies. Currently he is preparing a third music-theatre piece for "Musical van Vlaanderen" and some chamber music pieces in the so called more contemporary classical style.


Psalm 3

Psalm 4

Psalm 4 instrumental adaptation (2 flutes - clarinet - bassoon + mp3)